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Links Section:
Official Sites
   - Valve Software
   - Official Half-Life Site

   - Official Steam Site  

Half-Life Editing
   - 69th Vlatitude
   - Background Radiation
   - Prefabs
   - Half-Life Workshop
   - Handy Vandal's Almanac
   - Prefab Land
   - Valve-ERC
   - The Wadfather
Sven Co-op Related Sites
   - Cafe of Rabid Snarks
   - Clan HB Homepage
   - Clan BGOC Homepage
   - FunZone Sven Co-op
   - Goanna SvenCoop
   - Half Life Improvement Team
   - Hangar 16 - Singleplayer Map Reviews
   - Hellzkitchen Server
   - Hezus Mapping
   - HLRSE Mapping
   - Jolt Sven Co-op
   - Keen's Map Site
   - - German Fansite
   - Sven Co-op Central
   - Sven Co-op (Japan)
   - SvenCoUzi - Sven Co-op Server
   - Sven Sluts
   - Rex's Sven Co-op (Taiwan)
   - Turrican's Sven Co-op site
   - Wireplay Sven Co-op
   - Xtreme Co-op - Community Resource Fansite
Half-Life/Sven Co-op Utilities

   - Admin Mod - A useful dedicated server tool that works with SC
   - AmxModX - Similar to Admin Mod but with extended scripting capabilities
   - Sven Co-op 3.0 Animation Importer - Import Sven Co-op Animations into a HLDM Player Model without using Milkshape 3D
   - Milkshape 3D - Allows you to model, skin, and animate Half Life models
   - Autodesk 3ds Max - A professional software suite to create Half Life models
   - Half Life Model Viewer - View Half Life models





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