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Submit a Map:


First and foremost

If you have made a map for Sven Co-op and wish to share it with the community, you can use a number of resources at to post your map and gain feedback from experienced community mappers.

The steps in posting your map are as follows:

  1. Register on the Official Sven Co-op Forums
  2. Post your map in the Map Showcase forum section. This area is put aside for mappers to post their maps and gain feedback, some of the most popular Sven Co-op maps have had their debut on the Map Showcase forum, including Toon Run, Incoming, Infiltrate and G-man Towers.


About posting your map on the Sven Co-op Forums

Make sure you follow the rules of posting outlined here:
Rules of posting in Map Showcase

You ARE allowed to attach your map to the forum (actually hosting your map on webspace) as long as it is under a MB in size and in a zipped format.

If a map is recognized as being above average, it may be moved to the "Best of Map Showcase" (BoMS) section by a Moderator or Team Member. We do check the maps that are posted and can recognize good maps.


What we are looking for in a map submission

In order for your map to be placed on BoMS, you will need to make sure that your map contains:

  • No significant errors - If your map crashes on startup, then you don't stand a chance of having anyone play your map. Make sure that you playtest your map well and get your friends to test it too on their own computers. Make sure that your zip file is not corrupt and you have included all files with the zip. Perfectly good maps have been ignored because the author forgot to include a model and then didn't bother to update the pack.
  • A complete compile - When you submit your map it should be fully compiled with both RAD and VIS. Not doing so can affect frame rates and the lighting quality of the map, if this affects the map badly, your map will definitely be rejected.
  • No Gimmicks - Sven Co-op maps should be structured and designed. Basing a entire map around a certain entity test or prefab will more than likely result in the map not going to BoMS.
  • Looks aren't everything, but close! - If your map has perfect layout and balancing, but looks and feels like a bland, poorly lit concrete maze, you won't get anywhere. Your map might still stand a chance if it looks poor, but you'll need to work hard on the other area's. So if you're going to release a map, make sure the map is good to look at!
  • Decent Gameplay - By far the most important point. If your map looks great, is compiled well, but the gameplay is poor, then it won't get made BoMS.

    Getting your map into Sven Co-op

    If your map makes it to BoMS, this means that the Sven Co-op team have taken an interest. If you receive lots of enthusiastic feedback from players, you might stand a chance of having an official map in the mod.

    Most mappers that have produced maps worthy of being included in the next version of the mod tend to be contacted by team members rather than the other way round. If you wish to discuss your map with a Team Member, please contact Sven Viking or Mad Jonesy.




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