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The Smidge.Com Network!

» Sven Co-op Insider™:


NOTE: This was an April Fools' Day joke. SvenCo-op Insider does not exist. All features mentioned here are bogus... the screenshots of the subscriber-only monsters were made in Paint Shop Pro, etc. :)

Join SvenCo-op Insider™ today, and reap the benefits! Not only will SvenCo-op Insider™ Gold Pass members enjoy the following:

  • Instant access to any file you want - Non-subscribers will have to use the Free Service (See below)
  • (Sometimes) Advertisement-free Sven Co-op pages!
  • Priority tech support!
  • Test and play the new Sven Co-op before anyone else!
  • Exclusive files and patches!
  • Proper release date estimates! No more "When it's done" (TM)

But also:

  • Subscriber-only monsters: The Giant Leech, the Baby Nihilanth, and the Radioactive Mutated Cockroach. Only subscribers can see them... however, they can still attack non-subscribers. Your teammates will be depending on YOU to defend them against these horrors! Alternately, you could lead the things into the midst of your fellow players for fun!
  • Subscriber documentation! The normal documentation has been trimmed and key information made subscriber-only... newbies won't even know there's a key for Jump!
  • Subscriber overhead indicator! Big arrow thing similar to medic/grenade call that plays some really loud music when you hold down the display key. Everyone in 50 miles will know that YOU are a subscriber!
  • SvenCo-op Insider™ exclusive site content: Get the latest info on the team, see what Mad Jonesy had for breakfast, find out if Sven bothered to wash his socks! Updated weekly!


But that's not all! Sign up for a SvenCo-op Insider™ Platinum Pass, and not only do you gain access to all the amazing features listed above, but also:

  1. God mode - Toggled by VGUI!
  2. MP3 player that picks up radio!*
  3. Nuke launcher! - Use alternate fire on RPG with full ammo, destroys everything on the map!
  4. Turn on personal friendly fire to knock out those annoying players - Uses the VGUI!

* Dependant upon signal strength from your PC's location


Don't take our word for it... hear what others had to say about SvenCo-op Insider™:

Steven Jones, Shelf Stacker - "My pathetic little life wasn't worth living until I got SvenCo-op Insider™ Platinum pass with optional SvenCorp share option! Now I'm rich, happy, and the ladies can't keep their hands off me!! It could happen to you too!"

Dave Starr - "Everyone should get SvenCo-op Insider™ Platinum! 0.5% of all profits (after tax and lawyer fees) goes to charity!"


So what are you waiting for?!? For full pricing information, terms & conditions, and subscription duration info, click here to purchase a SvenCo-op Insider™ Gold Pass, or CLICK HERE to purchase a SvenCo-op Insider™ Platinum Pass!!!


Even if you decide not to subscribe, and leech off the team's success, there are still benefits for you. The new download system improves the wait for patches!

Subscriber download system:

- 1000MegaBit Host

- 1000 user max

- 24/7


Free download system:

- 56k modem

- 4 user max

- Not available evenings or weekends

- Hosted by Sven Co-op's very own Mad Jonesy!



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