|||||Sven Co-op 2.1



Sven Co-op is a Co-operative XXXification for Valve's XXXX-XXXX. In this XXX, you are not fighting against other XXXXXXs -- they are your allies, and you need to work with them to overcome hordes of AI-controlled XXXXXXX.

Based around the XXXXXXX and feel of XXXX-XXXX, Sven Co-op expands the XXXX-XXXX Universe by featuring additional XXXXXXs, XXXs by established authors, and eight new XXXXXXXs to fight (varying from the Baby Gargantua and Heavy XXXXXXs XXXXX, to XXXXXXX from Gearbox's Opposing Force).
Sven Co-op can be XXXXed either over XXX or XXX XXXX.

        Getting started
      i) How to install Sven Co-op
      iii) First Moves
      iv) Using the Command XXXX
      i) NPC Allies
      ii) Friendly XXXXXXXs
      iii) New XXXXXXX
      iv) New XXXXXXs/Equipment
      v) Hints and Tips
      vi) XXXXXXX Specific Hints
XXXXXXXs/Changes List

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