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Changelog 4.7


  1. New features
  2. Code changes
    1. Core
    2. Sound engine
    3. Non-playable characters
    4. Weapons
  3. Map changes
  4. Model changes
    1. Player
    2. Non-playable characters
  5. Sound changes
    1. Bodyguard
    2. Other
  6. Other changes

New features

  • Border-less window mode -- enable this with r_borderless 1 (also in advanced options).
  • Extra features for donors and staff is now received on-line, so new donors can enjoy our thank you features much sooner.
    • HTTP connectivity to our game API server is required.
    • If the on-line database is unavailable to the game server the hard-coded list in the server binaries is used instead. Only donors after release will be unable to get their extra features in this situation.
  • Linux server binary -- 100% native!
    • Fixed func_rotating visually stopping after it has rotated beyond 32,767 degrees.
    • Maps will need to have resource file names in the correct case or the Linux server will not find them and crash.
  • New map Quarter: A defensive map with multiple stages.
  • Player spawn points are now selected at random (from those that are active) with no spawn-fragging.

Code changes


  • Added obey trigger mode property to func_train.
  • Added entity alias trigger_create_entity for entity trigger_createentity.
  • Added ignore tiny monsters property to trigger_* entities, to ignore insects, hornets, and other very small monsters activating triggers.
  • All item_ entities use a specific hull size very close to the default model size rather than being too big, (mostly) fixes items disappearing inside walls.
  • Blood splat scale reduced.
  • Cheat commands:
    • All unsuccessful cheat commands are now logged on the server as warnings.
    • If sv_cheats is 2 only server administrators can use cheat commands. Designed for map authors to test their map with others in a controlled way. Players can always check who cheats are available to if they care with the mapinfo command.
    • NEW: healme heals your health to the map defined limit.
    • NEW: chargeme charges your HEV battery to the map defined limit.
    • reviveme can no longer be used if you're alive.
    • NEW: trigger remotely trigger an entity (first parameter is the entity name, second optional parameter passes a numeric value to the entity).
  • Client commands:
    • All commands are now case insensitive.
    • All commands with a repeat delay now share the same reset timer, reset in 4 seconds, and shows the exact time left to 1 decimal point.
    • All commands can be logged on the server by setting CVAR sv_log_client_commands to 1, though this can be quite spammy.
    • grenade and stuck can't be used while the player is a Barnacle victim.
    • grenade now executes npc_findcover automatically, so a dual-bind is not required.
    • mapinfo formatting improved, also shows who can use cheats (off, on, or administrators only).
    • medic now makes a strangle sound instead of a medic call for players that are Barnacle victims.
    • NEW: myinfo displays your target name and model, this will be expanded to show more properties about you in the future.
    • NEW: stuck moves players into free space should they become stuck in a wall or anything else solid (limited to 48 units, alias unstuck).
    • submitid no longer checks for a repeat delay if the player can't use the command anyway.
  • Client will show an error message if the game is NOT using the OpenGL renderer.
  • CVAR mp_telefrag is now writable by maps (configuration and trigger_setcvar).
  • Default maximum velocity increased from 2,000 units/second to 4,096 units/second.
  • Default maximum viewing distance increased from 8,192 units to 32,768 units.
  • Default setting for detail textures is now enabled.
  • Default skill level now 1.
  • Fixed a ton of possible crashes/freezes caused by buffer overflows, memory leaks, and uninitialized memory across the entire game. Oh the joy of many programmers over the years ...
  • Fixed administrator list file requiring a new line after the last entry in the list.
  • Fixed crash during gun fire if players had mp_decals set to 0.
  • Fixed crash if the map voting list exceeded the stack size (moved to heap).
  • Fixed env_blood shooting white particles when red blood was specified.
  • Fixed func_tank eye positions, so it will work properly as the tank rotates.
  • Fixed func_train dealing crush damage every frame.
  • Fixed maps with names longer than 23 characters causing a buffer overrun (32 characters is still the limit as dictated by the GoldSrc engine).
  • Fixed momentary_rot_button not obeying a master entity.
  • Fixed monster_barnacle having inconsistent tongue lengths when multiple Barnacles grab the same victim.
  • Fixed monster_barnacle not always releasing players during a trigger_respawn.
  • Fixed monster_barnacle possible crash with the prey entity referencing.
  • Fixed monster_barnacle victims rising infinitely if they end up above the Barnacle (often by multiple barnacles grabbing the same victim, or the victim walking on top of a Barnacle).
  • Fixed server lag from players having their donor/staff/administrator levels looked up every time they spawn or use a donor feature.
  • Fixed squadmaker possible crash with the render override.
  • Fixed squadmaker entities with names not starting automatically when the start on flag is defined.
  • Fixed trigger_condition comparing strings with non-strings.
  • Fixed trigger_changevalue not setting hull sizes correctly (passes new size to the engine).
  • Gibs no longer use the reliable network channel, and move slower.
  • Log formatting cleaned up:
    • Entity names.
    • NoAuthID instead of NoWonID.
    • players instead of team1.
  • mp_pcbalancing description improved.
  • mp_pcbalancing_factorlist now has a default setting.
  • mp_pcbalancing_factorlist will no longer print on map load, unless developer is at least 2.
  • Replaced warning "Master was null or not a master!" to specify if it existed or not, can't be used as a master or not, and the attempted name used.
  • Server administrator list count is now unlimited, and will consume much less memory for servers with under 256 entries.
  • Skill configuration will no longer print on map load, unless developer is at least 2.
  • Spawn point handling:
    • Spawn points are now chosen at random from any active point.
    • Collision detection to prevent spawn-fragging.
    • Only 1 type of spawn point entity will be used, depending on what is active at the time: _deathmatch then _dm2
    • If no _deathmatch or _dm2 spawn point can be used, a _coop or _start point is used.
    • If none of the spawn points can be used, players are made to wait until one is available.
  • trigger_changemodel now pre-caches the model it needs.
  • trigger_changemodel now supports !activator and !caller references.
  • trigger_changemodel now supports changing player models, and remembers the player choice for when the map changes.
  • trigger_changemodel now supports sub-model and skin detection.
  • trigger_condition now reports its' behaviour if CVAR developer is 2 or higher.
  • trigger_createentity now pre-caches the models and sounds it needs.
  • trigger_load/trigger_save can load/save more data.
  • trigger_load can now load entities from alternative file names.
  • trigger_once can no longer be used repeatedly with the on enter and on exit flags.
  • Updated VGUI from version 2.3 of the Half-Life SDK.

Sound engine

  • ambient_generic can now play a sound to an individual client at their position, using flag user only (64).
  • env_sound think delay reduced, so players are more likely to receive their effect.
  • Count of sounds successfully (and failed) loaded sounds displayed when a map starts.
  • List of sounds successfully loaded displayed if CVAR developer is 2 or higher when a map starts.
  • FMODEx initialization code cleaned up vastly.
  • FMODEx library no longer needs to be in the half-life folder, it is now loaded from the mod folder.
  • FMODEx library updated to 4.40.03
  • Improved environment sound effects.
  • Increased sound limit from 2,048 to 4,096.
  • Pretty much every sound is now handled by FMODEx, only exception is explosions.
  • Revolutionized speech sentence handling:
    • All sentences are now handled server side.
    • Clients play sentences through FMODEx.
    • Custom sentence file can now be specified in the map configuration or map properties.
    • Doors can now use custom sentences (locked/unlocked voices).
    • Fixed attenuation value of 0 not playing a sentence everywhere.
    • Fixed parsing issue when loading sentences.
    • Improved lip sync code for human NPC's, fixes gaping mouth problem.
    • Increased sentence limit from 1,536 to 2,048.
    • Increased sentences group limit from 384 to 512.
    • Increased sentences per group limit from 32 to 64.
    • SCRIPT_EVENT_SOUND_VOICE: Sounds which start with a '*' (specified inside many Half-Life models) are now played on CHAN_STREAM rather than CHAN_VOICE for full compatibility with the old Half-Life sound engine.
    • Sentences are now case insensitive.
    • Sentences can now be in alternative formats if a WAV file is not found (in order): MP3; MP2; OGG; OGA; FLAC; WMA; AAC; FSB
    • Widened sentence support to: alien slaves; human grunts (both types); heavy weapons grunt; male assassins; players; robot grunts; scientists; shock troopers; sentence_script_events

Non-playable characters

  • Alien grunts should no longer stare into space after being teleported in by Tor.
  • Barnacle tongue now drops 50% faster.
  • Barnacles can no longer grab victims from on top of them.
  • Barnacles have new bite damage handling:
    • Bites are every 1 to 1.5 seconds.
    • Bite damage is either skill entry sk_barnacle_bite*, or the combined health and armor divided by 9 of the victim at the time of reaching the Barnacle's mouth -- whichever is higher.
    • Victims should generally be eaten within 10 to 15 seconds of reaching the Barnacle's mouth, though multiple Barnacles grabbing the same victim will multiply the eating speed.
  • Furniture will no longer show monster info.
  • Male assassins' flying kick angle fixed.
  • Osprey rotor sound will always loop regardless of the sound format used.
  • Tor's cannon sound radius is smaller.
  • Tor's threat animation fixed.
  • Xen plant lights now implement classifications, and will only hide from enemy classes. They are alien passive by default.


  • Fixed Barnacle grapple still latching on to dead and disconnected players.
  • Fixed Barnacle grapple reducing player velocity if they were grappling downwards.
  • Fixed M134 Minigun name, as it's actually based on a XM214 Microgun.
  • Fixed player medkit not being able to heal if there is less than 10 points left.

Map changes

Afrika Korps

  • All: Difficulty no longer limited to easy.
  • All: Improved level changing behaviour.
  • All: Text messages raised away from the crosshair.
  • All: Time limit is now 60 minutes.
  • Part 3: Next level is now the bonus mission, ending text message adapted.
  • Bonus: Changed ending text message to "Mission complete".


  • Made it much more difficult for the Gargantua to block the teleporter exit in the boss room.
  • Moved teleporter exit in the boss room up along with fall damage compensation.

Black Mesa EPF

  • Dual Uzi's allowed to account for increased map difficulty.
  • Fixed a Barney spawning as friendly.
  • Fixed air strikes happening constantly.
  • Fixed air strikes happening the same time as grunts spawn.
  • Fixed aliens spawning endlessly.
  • Fixed exploit allowing players to finish the map very early.
  • Fixed players being able to skip the lasers.
  • Fixed solid corpse blocking players in downstairs warehouse on Mission 2, next to voltigore.
  • Fixed corpse being a target for monsters'.
  • Laser puzzle easier.
  • Map difficulty increased.
  • Map time limit is now 99 minutes.
  • Moved light from above ladder to doorway. Mission 4, just before they push the button to extend bridge.
  • Optimized model count.
  • Random monsters now spawn less frequently.
  • Removed spawn point from the laser room.
  • Security guards room (behind reception desk) had door which opened upwards, making extend through floor. Now opens downwards.
  • Slowed down alien spawns.
  • Sliding doors replaced for simpler doors that shouldn't disappear.
  • Varied grunt drops.


  • Part 1: Fixed turrets not rising from the floor after the shark area.
  • Part 2: Changed boss music.

Escape Series

  • All of series 2 and 3: All maps have AAATRIGGER textures replaced for NULL to improve rendering performance.
  • 2A: Fixed players being able to activate the camera sequence using the coded panel more than once.
  • 2A: Fixed players being able to jump through the horizontal lasers if many of them piled through quickly enough.
  • 2B: Fixed a single player being able to activate the dual-player buttons after the large slime pit / pipe crawling.
  • 2C: Added clip brush in the base of the rail gauge to prevent you falling through to the void.
  • 2C: Fixed NULL texture on the corner sections of the rail gauge.
  • 2D: Fixed door gates being blockable by players.
  • 3B: Fixed short time slot of no spawn points being available after the barnacle water cavern (caused you to spawn at 0,0,0).
  • 3C: Fixed getting stuck in a crate at the start.
  • 3C: Fixed NULL texture around the brown water during the hallucination.
  • 3D: Fixed possibility of spawning inside a control panel in the giant elevator shaft.
  • 3D/E: Normalized all of Barney's speech sounds to fix his fully open mouth, processed out the rumbles and popping too.
  • 3E: Fixed rendering glitch through the first door.
  • 3E: Fixed batteries getting stuck on the floor by making them liftable.
  • 3E: Fixed possibility of getting stuck behind the generator, there are now small crates to climb on to get out.
  • 3E: Re-built the train so it should be impossible to break into segments in a comical fashion.
  • 3E: Fixed rendering glitch through the first door.

Half-Life campaign

  • C0A0C/C0A0D: Removed display name for the Loader robot.
  • C0A0C: Fixed tram doors moving the wrong direction.
  • C1A1: Dead grunts that should have been holding a gun now do, and those that shouldn't have now don't.
  • C1A1: Fixed angle and body on the Military suit item to match the original game.
  • C1A1: Time limit is 60 minutes for consistency with other maps.
  • C1A1F: Fixed dangling scientist falling too soon / disappearing (over the tram stop).
  • C1A3A: Fixed soldiers using Opposing Force chat.
  • C1A3C: Fixed Osprey being destroyed by friendly fire.
  • C1A6: The commander now has the correct model.
  • C2A4B: Fixed invisible brush blocking players.
  • C2A4C: Fixed chomper sometimes going out of sync by not doing enough damage.
  • C2A4C: Restored the 6 barnacles above the slime pit.
  • C2A4E: Fixed zap machine killing players after it has shut down.
  • C2A5A: Fixed being able to slide down 2 giant vertical pipes.
  • C2A5F: Fixed becoming stuck behind some broken wall.
  • C2A5G: Fixed grunts already being dead behind the car in which a Gargantua pushes to crush them against the car park wall.
  • C2A5G: Voltigore can no longer use bounce pads.
  • C3A1B: Fixed medic and grunt staring at the walls.
  • C3A2C: Fixed getting stuck inside a valve.
  • C4A1B: Fixed players being able to climb up into the sky.
  • C4A1C/C4A1D/C4A1E/C4A1F: Added map change sprite.

Half-Life: Opposing Force campaign

  • OF1A2: Alien grunts replaced for alien slaves.
  • OF1A4B: Removed display name for the Loader robot.
  • OF1A6: Added crowbar (knife) to map configuration.
  • OF2A4: Added crowbar (knife) to map configuration.
  • OF2A2: Added anti-spam to the elevator.
  • OF2A2: Added sky name.
  • OF2A2: Added sparks in the electrified water.
  • OF2A2: Fixed soldier positions during their sequence.
  • OF2A2: Anti-rush for the elevator.
  • OF2A3: Map merged into OF2A2.
  • OF3A5/OF5A4: Added map change sprite.
  • OF5A1: Blocked a hole.
  • OF5A2: Blocked a hole.
  • OF4A2: Lift doors now crush obstructions properly.
  • OF6A2: Blocked a hole.
  • OF6A3: Blocked a hole.

Half-Life: Uplink campaign

  • Fixed finale always changing to map C1A0 instead of the servers' next map.


  • Part 2: Prevented subway exit door being closed with +use.


  • Removed secret bestiality porn for some silly drawings of faces.


  • Fixed crate falling through the floor.
  • Fixed game not ending when the point man respawns.
  • Fixed text messages.
  • Player "the jumper" is now referred to as the "Point Man".

Kyper Kuuito

  • Map resource files included.
  • New songs.


  • Fixed floating battery by moving it on the floor.

New Hope's Last Stand

  • Part 3: Barrels in the crystal crusher room are no longer stuck.
  • Part 3: Fixed cave teleporters not working (couldn't change map).
  • Part 4: Fixed a bunch of null textures.
  • Part 4: Fixed Ion cannon not killing everything it should.
  • Part 4: Fixed robot generator pushing players away before it has even been built.
  • Part 4: Fixed Voltigores getting stuck on spawn.


  • Added diagonal building brush to stop you getting stuck on the building down a cliff (just ahead of the start).


  • Part 4: Fixed central area and pyramid not being visible from each other (increased maximum viewing distance).
  • Part 4: Fixed players being able to evade the boss monsters by standing on wall candles.
  • Part 4: Fixed shortcut to the pyramid turning itself off instead of on.
  • Part 4: Replaced copyright music.

Sector E

  • Part 2: Office after the force field: Added collapsed table to break up the dodgy clip nodes.

Sand Stone

  • Added blip sound to text messages to ensure they get noticed.
  • Added sprites to show which bombs have been destroyed already on the map.
  • All text messages moved away from the crosshair.
  • All grunts are named "Terrorist Guard" or "Terrorist Sniper".
  • Allied NPC's can now be hurt by players.
  • Allied NPC's now spawn-frag things in their way.
  • Boss grunts are named "Terrorist Elite Guard" and are tougher.
  • Boss spawns using the bodyguard class, with akimbo Uzi's.
  • Difficulty no longer limited to easy.
  • Fixed ambient sounds not playing.
  • Fixed bad lighting compile (incorrect shadows).
  • Fixed being able to get stuck in the mounted machine guns.
  • Fixed boss sequence taking so long.
  • Fixed engineer sometimes getting stuck up narrow steps.
  • Fixed delayed flight of the extraction Apache.
  • Fixed grunt doors opening the wrong way.
  • Fixed grunts facing the wrong way when they come out of doors.
  • Fixed grunts not spawning with their relative bomb area, and stopped them spawning when the bomb is destroyed.
  • If the player count is >10 grunts spawn more often, and a tough grunt (sniper or heavy) will spawn somewhere every minute.
  • New fancy sky map.


  • Tweaked spawn point positions as one would sometimes spawn you inside a crate.
  • Added 2 more batteries to the hidden section at the start so 2 players can fully charge.
  • Fixed explosive barrels in the canal area from being stuck in the ground.

Sven Co-op

  • Fixed Chubby not being able to die due to a server's default mp_npckill setting.
  • Fixed path names for some sprites to be compatible with the Linux server binary (case sensitive).

They Hunger campaign

  • All: Updated player model list.
  • They15: Fixed zombies walking though doors to scientists.

Toad Snatch

  • Difficulty re-balanced.
  • Difficulty toughened for XP mod servers.
  • Decreased wrench damage.
  • Entering the ceiling tunnels as a ghost now pushes you out rather than kills the player.
  • Fixed being able to lose the map after winning.
  • Fixed monster spawn frequencies not being set.
  • Fixed some spore plant positions.
  • Fixed vote messages.
  • Improved ending sequence.
  • Improved life system.
  • Increased delay before difficulty can be selected.
  • Removed some assault rifle grenades.
  • Tor spawns with a sprite.


  • Added sprite on the blue Turret System screen instructing players how to activate the defence turrets, as you all still don't get how this works after 10 damn years...


  • Fixed 3 bottomless pits not killing anything (1 in the cave by the start voltigore, 2 in the pipes area).
  • Fixed being able to get stuck in some places in the pipes area.
  • Fixed being able to skip past the steam after the pipes area with high health from an XP modification.
  • Fixed powerful laser not shutting off when it destroys the wall.
  • Fixed shortcut teleporter in the garage turning itself off instead of on.
  • Prevented players from climbing onto the roof and into the sky when leaving the reception area.

Model changes


  • All low definition Valve HLDM models now have a dm_ prefix.
  • All high definition remakes of HLDM models don't have a dm_ prefix.
  • New player model mad scientist.
  • Player command menu updated with all the current model choices.

Non-playable characters

  • Body guard now has correct animations/sequences for Minigun.

Sound changes


  • Brand new high quality sounds, no longer just re-pitched Barney sounds.
  • Remove unused sound "attack2.wav".


  • Added new blip sound for mappers to use, works well with text messages using the scan out effect.
  • Loader robot no longer complains about missing "wood2.wav".

Other changes

  • Fixed trigger_changemodel not showing up in Hammer.
  • Loads of tweaks to the FGD (size/colour changes).
  • Made trigger_teleport flag 2,048 (ignore delays) show up in Hammer.
  • Manual credits now links to forum profiles for many more people.
  • Manual credits now lists all mappers.
  • Removed redundant sentences file.




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