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-- 01/04/2006

Game Freaks Look Here!!


-- 01/04/2006

Web Site Under Attack By Malicious Hackers


-- 31/03/2006

Sven's Discount Co-operative victorious in legal battle against Sven Co-op Game!


Sven's Discount Store Locations

Sven's Discount Co-operative's six business premises span the length and breadth of the United Kingdom!

Sven's Discount Carlisle, 47C Warwick Road, Carlisle

Sven's Discount London, East Ferry Road 7a, Isle of Dogs, London

Sven's Discount Leeds, 17 Cardigan Road, Leeds

Sven's Discount Northampton, 202 Little Pastures, Northampton

Armley Sven's Discount, 1 Royalty Road, Armley

Sven's Discount of Man, Rockery place, Isle of Man

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