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-- 01/04/2006

Game Freaks Look Here!!


-- 01/04/2006

Web Site Under Attack By Malicious Hackers


-- 31/03/2006

Sven's Discount Co-operative victorious in legal battle against Sven Co-op Game!

Sven's Discount Co-operative Official Web Site

Our Mission

The smarter place to shop today is Sven's Discount Cooperative. It offers you a wide choice of carefully selected products, all of which match the quality of leading brands, while being significantly cheaper. With 6 stores across Britain Sven's Discount can offer you an honest, straightforward deal: we buy at better rates, reducing our costs by cutting out gimmicks. The resultant savings are substantial and are passed on to you as discounted prices.

Company Profile

Our range is forever changing with hundreds of new products introduced over the past year. And it doesn’t just have to be your week-in, week-out essentials. As well as everyday items you will find an extensive range of products designed to meet today’s lifestyle. Anything from TVs and DVD players to toys, clothing and kitchenware. Every week we bring you an exclusive selection from our stock for an extremely reduced price !

With such a strong offer Sven's Discount is set to grow rapidly in the coming years, bringing better shopping and new employment to more and more towns and cities across the UK. If you want exceptional quality and fantastic value, come and shop at Sven's Discount Co-operative.

Contact Information

Postal address
Sven's Discount Co-operative Head Office, Level 2, 221A Baker Street, London, United Kingdom
Electronic mail
Webmaster: larry.carling@gmail.com

Send mail to larry.carling@gmail.com with questions or comments about this web site.


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