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-- 01/04/2006

Game Freaks Look Here!!


-- 01/04/2006

Web Site Under Attack By Malicious Hackers


-- 31/03/2006

Sven's Discount Co-operative victorious in legal battle against Sven Co-op Game!

Game Freaks Look Here!!

Sven's Discount Co-operative Welcomes All Game Freaks!

As you may have observed if you have visited our forums, our site has recently been inundated by a deluge of video game-playing fanatics. Though this caused some confusion earlier today, Sven's Discount Co-operative founder Sven MŁbÍtam has instructed us to make the most of the situation. We now welcome all "Game Freaks" to our web site! (Be aware that, by registering or posting on our forum, you legally consent to our Rules and Conditions and Fair Use Agreement).

As of the 1st of May, a full range of top-quality video games and video games accessories is to be introduced to Sven's Discount Stores across the country! What's more, these top-quality video game products will be available at Sven's Discount Co-operative's usual low, low prices! Never before have video game enthusiasts been able to take advantage of such amazing discounts!

On our founder's instructions, we will also be introducing a wide range of "Hentai" products (cartoons from Japan), including Love Hina Again, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi!

Keep an eye on our forum for up-to-the-minute news and exclusive offers.


For More Information Contact:

Sven's Discount Cooperative Association
Level 2, 221A Baker Street, London, United Kingdom
Internet: larry.carling@gmail.com

Send mail to larry.carling@gmail.com with questions or comments about this web site.


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