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-- 01/04/2006

Game Freaks Look Here!!


-- 01/04/2006

Web Site Under Attack By Malicious Hackers


-- 31/03/2006

Sven's Discount Co-operative victorious in legal battle against Sven Co-op Game!


Sven's Discount Co-operative victorious in legal battle

against Sven Coop Game!

With joy in our hearts we announce that Sven's Discount Co-operative has won the lawsuit regarding the ownership of the www.svencoop.com domain. The previous owner, a small unknown gaming community, was forced by court to hand over the ownership to Sven's Discount Co-operative. After only a short struggle the court declared that this small gaming community did not possess the social worth to longer deny the domain from our shopping enterprise. The Court of London declared on the 26th of March that the domain must be handed over to Sven's Discount Co-operative on the 1st of the next month.

We are currently moving the content from our previous website to our new claimed domain. As the website returns at the start of the month, we will be in strong maintenance as a result to the domain transaction. We're asking for your understanding. After this period of maintenance our special offers will be back online regularly. We from Sven's Discount Cooperative wish you happy shopping !

For More Information Contact:

Sven's Discount Cooperative Association Head Office
Level 2, 221A Baker Street, London, United Kingdom
Internet: larry.carling@gmail.com

Send mail to larry.carling@gmail.com with questions or comments about this web site.


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