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Mod Description


What is Sven Co-op?
Sven Co-op is a Co-operative modification for Valve�s genre-defining game Half-Life. In this modification, you are not fighting against other players -- they are your allies, and you need to work with them to overcome large numbers of AI-controlled enemies.

Co-operative gameplay has been absent from the majority of recently released games, and is sorely missed by fans of the game mode. Sven Co-op fills this gap by providing not only the ability to play the original Half-Life Single-Player game co-operatively, but also a broad range of diverse co-operative scenarios. Though most are set in the Half-Life universe, Sven Co-op�s mapping features allow map developers to create their own, unique experiences for players, ranging from realistic military missions to medieval RPG themed adventures.

Sven Co-op is the ultimate Social mod, ideal for LAN parties or for playing with small groups of friends. There is a lack of competitiveness between players; you'll spend your time enjoying yourself rather than trying to beat the top scorer. Participants tend to build strong bonds with others, as they are required to work together and heal each other, this has been shown through the strong community.

Based around the enemies and feel of Half-Life, Sven Co-op expands the Half-Life Universe by featuring additional weapons, maps by established authors, and eight new monsters to fight (varying from the Baby Gargantua and Heavy Weapons Grunt, to enemies from Gearbox's Opposing Force which have been re-coded).

As well as the hundreds of custom scenarios created by the community, popular custom Single Player levels are being modified to work with Sven Co-op (Including ETC by Dave Johnston and They Hunger by Neil Manke, which is in early planning stages). Sven Co-op has support from a number of community mapmakers, with further conversions planned for the future.

What does Sven Co-op feature?
  • Co-operative gameplay
  • Support to play the original Half-Life episode Co-operatively
  • Friendly versions of all Half-Life monsters
  • New Monster: Robo Grunt (unused Valve Monster) [in 2.0f]
  • New Monster: Male Assassin (from OP4) [in 2.0f]
  • New Monster: Otis (from OP4) [in 2.0f]
  • New Monster: Gonome (from OP4) [in 2.0f]
  • New Monster: Zombie Barney (from OP4)
  • New Monster: Zombie Grunt (from OP4)
  • New Monster: HW Grunt (unused Valve monster)
  • New Monster: Baby Garg
  • New Weapon: Medkit for healing other players
  • New Weapon: Akimbo Uzis
  • Valve's Voice Communication technology [in 2.0f]
  • Command Menu for customising, voting options and choosing the player model
  • Third Person mode
  • Over 25 New maps included, with varying gameplay and situations

  • Where can I download Sven Co-op?
    You can download Sven Co-op 2.0 Beta from the following page:


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